Ultra Music Festival

Festival Rebrand
I performed a series of investigations and explorations in rebranding the Ultra Music Festival.

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in the city of Miami, Florida. They are the world’s premiere EDM Festival. Being as West Palm Beach, FL is my hometown, I've attended the festival myself and recalled memories from that experience for some of my concepts and ideas in the project.

I brainstormed concepts regarding light beams, soundwaves and equalizer bars. I thought to approach the logo typographically because I wanted an opportunity to investigate with typographic logos and take advantage of the word's conveniently simple and balanced form.

The final design captures the simplistic aesthetic I was looking to achieve. Lights are a very evident characteristic of the festival and I wanted to convey that in my logo design for the brand.

For the mood and theme of the brand, I wanted to attribute to the festival's location in South Florida and depict the Miami City vibe. I was also looking to incorporate sounds bars, as this was an EDM festival and it's heavily characteristic of the music genre. I kept the color scheme with regards to the sunset that can often be seen from Miami and the fact that the festival is predominantly an evening event. With that there is a consistent tone and time of day that is attributed to the festival.

The image above portrays 2 approaches to guerilla marketing. In the left example, the banner utilizes the sunset background to fill the negative space that is the logo. Right below the logo plays a short clip I produced that advertises and provides information on the festival. Under that is the same banner but in a night-time setting, where the logo is now visible by emitting a bright glowing outline. The image on the right shows a bus stop advertisement where the logo is place on a translucent roof-top and the sunlight produces a cast shadow of the logo in front the bus bench. Both concepts revolve around the usage of light to make the logo appear visible.

These are three varying t-shirt designs that correlate with the theme and concept behind the brand. The backlight t-shirt design would not only glow bright under blacklight, but also glow in regular darkness. Next, the sound equalizer t-shirt design would include a small thin plastic screen on the chest area with a small hidden battery compartment inside the shirt, along with sound detectors that would visualize the music playing around the wearer with sound bars. Lastly, the color-changing t-shirts designs would include a fabric that's reactive to temperature and change colors when exposed to various types of heat and light from the sun. The t-shirts would then change tone at different times of the day depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight they receive.

This is a brief marketing video I designed and animated for the music festival applying my brand.

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