Strength Anatomy

Information Booklet
I wanted to provide a quick guide of how to properly strength train for basic weight lifting. The booklet elaborates on the significance of knowing the muscular system and how our bodies are affected under certain exercises. I hand-drew the anatomical figures to visually illustrate what muscles are being used under certain strength training exercises.

Although I was drawing full figures, I planned to make the booklet size relatively small in size. I wanted to keep the size convenient while providing in-depth information. The image above and the next 2 below are initial page layout sketches.

I referenced much of what I wrote from personal experience with weight lifting and what I've learned over the course of time strength training. I wanted to keep the tone casual but instructive and informational. I researched on the exercises and muscular anatomy because I was aiming for accuracy and reliable facts.

The image above and the 2 below are early iterations that portray more detailed designs of the booklet. I wanted to find a way to make my layouts more dynamic. For an athletic booklet, I was looking to add more movement to the composition.

Final Booklet Design

The booklet runs at 8" × 6".

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