Blockchain Technology

Infographic Booklet
I was looking to visually illustrate and comprehensively explain the concept behind blockchain, what it is, its application to the real world, and facts relevant to the technology. My intent was to help bring awareness to a type of technology that is still relatively unknown or heavily misunderstood among people.

Originally, I had thought to make a square pamphlet or some kind of foldable collateral but ended up deciding to go with a booklet format because I was looking to make it informational and illustrative and didn't want to restrict myself too much with space. The image above and the next 3 below are basic concept sketches of my original plans for the page layouts and organization of the types of information.

I planned what pages were going to have which content and heavily researched the subject of blockchain so that I was capable of writing the information as concise and comprehensible as possible. I intended to make the booklet educational and inform people of something they might not know much, if at all, about.

The image above and below are iterations that portary more details of the text and designs. I realized at a certain point that I had to thoughtfully include visual illustrations with meaningful intent raher than arbitrarily adding it for the sake of visual design. It also made me more mindful of how information was organized and it's reason for being so. In the iteration below I felt I was organizing the information more arbitrarily than thoughtfully and seeked to revise it in a way where there was a more valid reason behind why certain things were placed where they were.

Final Booklet Design

Visually I was attempting to create a surrealistic cosmic-tech aesthetic and ambience for my design. My initial vision of the booklet was to have something that looked outside of this realm. Since I was taking a very non-tangible technological subject and bringing it to the physical hands of someone reading it, I wanted to allude to the idea that the concept behind blockchain is innovative and has the potential to achieve things beyond what we could conceive. Outside of this world sort of speak.

The 6-page booklet runs at a perfect square of 8" × 8".

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